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  • "Wisdom begins where knowledge ends. Knowledge has continuity, without continuity, there is no knowledge."

Dr. Girdhar Sharma


St. Andrews has always been very pragmatic in its approach for the welfare of the student and the people in general. In this fast growing, changing and challenging word, every parent desires to provide his\her ward the best education to face the challenges of life successfully. If the parents want to achieve this high goal, we, at St Andrews can promise to fulfill their dreams by providing their children value based education as we have been doing for the last one and half decades. Our highly learned, qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers are putting in their tremendous efforts in shaping up all round personalities of the children studying in this Pioneer Institution of Northern India.The School provides the fullest possible opportunity to a student to develop his \her all round personality in addition to scholarly pursuits. Our School greets all such parents who want to provide the desired education to their ward/s. Our School is dedicated to the preparation of a child for life in the new millennium. It provides a better learning environment to each child /pupil.

Dr. Ram Avtar Sharma


St. Andrews Society is committed to provide world class quality education without discrimination of caste or creed.The School has been judiciously named as St. Andrews to preserve the memories and immortalize the name and dedication of Charles Freer Andrews, a great and noble man. In fact, Charles Freer Andrews was an British National. He came to India and stayed here throughout his life. He was very much fascinated with Indian culture and tradition. He opposed anti-Indian deeds of the British Rulers very forcefully and fearlessly. He asserted vehemently that the freedom fight of Indians is justified Gandhi ji named him as INDIAN DEEN BANDHU ANDREWS. So Long as the history of India is read and written, the name of Charles Freer Andrews will ever be remembered with great love and honour for his contribution, devotion and dedication to education and participation in the freedom fight of India.The ai of the school is to motivate the children for learning and preparing them to face the challenges of the fast changing world.

St. Andrews Public School
Affiliated to C.B.S.E. Board New Delhi
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